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Interesting facts about the island of Rab


With 30 sandy beaches Rab is a really Happy island with a lot of tiny, picturesque coves, recognised by tourists from all over the world almost 125 years ago, to this day, due to the crystal clear, warm and shallow sea, great for the entire family. Everyone can find their own private beach on Rab based on their preference: there are naturist beaches, solitary coves, beaches for dogs and beaches for single people looking for a bit :)



As in the days of old, tourists are often taken to the beaches on board of Mini taxy boats, that leave from Lučica San Marino and port Rab or port Škver/Palit. Daily and half day trips are also available, with a glass bottom boat, to the nearby islands of Sv. Grgur, Goli Otok, Baška on the island of Krk, Košljun, Zavratnica, even fishing trips, which are becoming increasingly popular. Favourite destinations are Frkanj, the love peninsula full of hidden bays, Maman and Lopar peninsula.



A typical day on Rab starts with a healty breakfast before going to the beach and enjoying sun and sea, followed by a light lunch and a nice nap in the shade of the pines. Of course, some people prefer to bike, hike, even kayak around the island before the sun sets. Before dinner you can go explore numerous shops, souvenir shops and amusement parks, then grab a cocktail, go dancing and even enter a beauty contest before hitting the clubs. 



Active vacation is not only a way to relax by making your body produce happy endorphines, it is equal parts learning about your surroundings and keeping healthy. Lucky for you, Rab is ideal for this kind of vacation with all the natural beauty, organised tours (be in front of Tourist Bureau, on a Thursday at 8.00 AM) and plenty of hiking and biking trails. Along the route you just may discover enchanting landscapes, old tone houses and rare natural beauty. Don't waste time, hop on a bike or rent a kayak.

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